Special Presentation & Update on A2OCA December 12 
9/12/21, 06:00 AM

Sunday, December 12 marks the feast of St. Mardarije of Libertyville and Ann Arbor. THIS IS OUR ANN ARBOR SAINT! How many other cities in Michigan have their own saint? As of now that number is ZERO. We have a great blessing here, and a great responsibility! Let us begin by being present at the Divine Services for St. Mardarije, and to prepare for and partake of the Holy Mysteries this day!

St. Mardarije is the patron saint of our own Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy. On this day we will have the new icon of St. Mardarije available for veneration. This is an icon painted by Protodeacon Paul Drozdowski of St. Mardarije in an academic setting, which is completely appropriate given his life and work. But this will be the first icon in the world with St. Mardarije in this context. Fr. Colin will give a presentation about the life of St. Mardarije this day, and the A2OCA School Board will give a presentation on the school progress and plans going forward. Please plan to join us!

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