Picking up Artos at St. Vladimirís this Sunday 
24/4/20, 12:00 PM

The Artos is the special bread that is blessed on the Paschal Night and is present at all the Divine Services of Bright week. Even without a pandemic we usually canít be at all the services, but the Artos is a blessing from this special week that can take home and consume with other believers, especially those who are unable to come to the church, which is most of us this year.

You may come to St. Vladimirís to pick up your piece of Artos from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. this coming Sunday (April 26), which is the day we say the final prayer over the Artos and then cut it and distribute it. The process will be the same as it was for Palm Sunday to pick up palms and for Holy Saturday and Pascha for the blessing of Pascha Baskets, namely:

A. Drive into the new driveway and go all the way to the end. Turn left into the large paved parking lot. Turn left again to drive down the old driveway. Stop at the entrance to the church. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Roll down the driverís side window. The priest will give you a piece of Artos in a plastic bag. You will be given the opportunity to make a donation to St. Vladimirís. Please note that volunteers will not be able to make change. See more information about material support of the parish during the pandemic here. Holy Week and Bright Week provide a significant portion of our yearly income. We thank you kindly for remembering the parish at this time, and remind you that there is a match on your donations Ė $1 for every dollar you give until the last day of Pascha (14/27 May, 2020).

B. We strongly suggest that those in cars be masked. All St. Vladimirís volunteers will be masked as well. You should wash or sanitize your hands after this interaction. St. Vladimirís volunteers will sanitize their hands between all interactions and wash their hands regularly during the time of their volunteer work.

C. Your interaction with the volunteers should be brief. If you have concerns or questions about anything please reach out to Fr. Gregory for a longer conversation.

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