St. Herman Youth Retreat is December 26-29: REGISTER NOW! 
11/12/14, 06:00 AM
The Diocesan St. Herman Youth Retreat is set for December 26-29 in Cincinnati, OH. As usual, we will rent several vans this year to transport our young people from throughout the Michigan Deanery to the Retreat. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact Fr. Gregory soon (PLEASE!) and let him know that you are going. We need to know: do we rent one van, two, six? The only way to know that is to know that you are coming!

And NOW (right now not later right this very minute) is the time to register for the retreat! How would you do that you ask? Please visit the link below. And then let Fr. Gregory know you are coming if you haven't already! Please join us this is a real highlight of the year for the young people and so worth supporting. Questions? Please ask Fr. Gregory!

Register here (and NOW don't wait!):

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