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Today is Labor Day - what does that mean to us? 
1/9/14, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Today marks the civil holiday of Labor Day. On this day we remember those who fought for workers' rights in America and founded the first labor unions to protect workers and organize to collectively negotiate with management to increase workers' pay, increase safety in the work place, and other similar labor advances. Although no doubt there is much debate among our parish family members about the efficacy of unions in our days this is not the point of this post. Rather, it is informative for us to understand that the nascent labor movement practically got its start here in Michigan in the auto plants of Flint and Detroit. There is no doubt that workers' rights – especially safety – were sorely lacking in those days. As Orthodox Christians we thank God for the life He has given us. We must be lovers of labor and work diligently and sincerely as a Christian duty. This is not to say we should accept abuse – not by any means. But the Lord has kindly arranged the world that we would work for our daily bread. Let us thank God that He has given us this order, and that he has provided us the opportunity to work and to support our families in peace here in America. We are people of hope, people of love, and people of thankfulness. We have much to thank God for as regards our ability to work safely here in America. Today is a day that allows us to concentrate on that thankfulness. Let us take a moment today to do that and not forget that this is not just a day off of work, but a day to thank God for His love and mercy towards us.
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Scripture Reading for the Coming Week 
31/8/14, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
"This is the cause of all evils: the ignorance of the Scriptures. We go into battle without arms, and how ought we to come off safe?" -St. John Chrysostom, Homily IX on Colossians.

In order to help increase the general knowledge of scripture in our parish family we present here for your edification the scripture readings for the coming week. At least one Gospel Reading and one Epistle reading are assigned for each day of the year (although during Great Lent the readings are from the Old Testament). Hearing or reading only those readings appointed for Sunday merely scratches the surface of the great spiritual wealth that the scriptures provide us. Some of the readings are easily understandable – others are less so. As Orthodox Christians we do not make private interpretation of scripture, but rather consult the fathers of the Church for their explanations to aid us in our understanding. Those wishing to have access to such explanations are asked to contact Fr. Gregory or inquire in the kiosk for further reading in this regard. Bibles may also be acquired in the kiosk.

Monday: II Corinthians 8:7-15 & Mark 3:6-12
Tuesday: II Corinthians 8:16-9:5 & Mark 3:13-19
Wednesday: I Corinthians 9:12-10:7 & Mark 3:20-27
Thursday: II Corinthians 10:7-18 & Mark 3:28-35
Friday: II Corinthians 11:5-21 & Mark 4:1-9
Saturday: I Corinthians 2:6-9 & Matthew 22:15-22

Please find below several very nice articles on how to read the scripture from an Orthodox point of view.

By St. Justin (Popovich):


By Bishop Kalistos (Ware):


This short article explains to us not just HOW to read the scriptures, but also what our goal should be in reading the scriptures. A short read and well worth it:


As noted in the article above we need God's help and blessing to read and understand the scriptures correctly. What better way to entreat God's help in this regard than through prayer? Please find the prayer before reading the scriptures here:

http://www.chrysostompress.org/prayer_b ... pture.html
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Weekly Bulletin Posted 
31/8/14, 10:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Our weekly bulletin, "Sunday Reading", has been posted at the following link:

http://www.stvladimiraami.org/SundayRea ... eading.pdf
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Weekly Parish Prayer List Posted 
31/8/14, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Please keep our parishioners, friends, and those who have asked us in our unworthiness to pray for them in your prayers this coming week. Our parish prayer list can be found here:

http://www.stvladimiraami.org/SundayRea ... erlist.pdf

PLEASE NOTE! We have removed those from the list that we believe no longer should be present there. If you requested that someone be included in this list please review it carefully to make sure we have not removed someone erroneously. If we have, please contact Fr. Gregory to have your loved one again added to the list.
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St. Vladimir's Youth in Davydovo Summer 2015 
30/8/14, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
We would like to send several (hopefully 3 to 5) of our young people aged 14+ to the Davydovo summer camp for special needs youth in Yaroslavl as helpers next summer. Next summer seems so far away – this summer isn't even over yet! That is true, but in order to prepare our young people we need to start early. Zhanna Skalitzky will be heading up this effort. Our friends at First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor sent several volunteers to help at Davydovo this summer and they had a simply outstanding experience. Camps for special needs children in Russia are very rare, and this one is run by an Orthodox priest in an Orthodox atmosphere. Parents – please talk to Fr. Gregory Zhanna about this as soon as possible! This will be an outstanding opportunity for our young people to live their faith in a very active way. Their participation will help the campers, the campers' families, and frankly speaking, will also help themselves to grow in Christ. More to come...
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Moleben for the beginning of the School Year is August 31 
30/8/14, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
This Sunday following the Divine Liturgy we will serve the molben for the beginning of instruction of children according to our usual practice - on the Sunday that is closest to the beginning of public school instruction in Michigan. Please plan to join us for the moleben - all children and teachers are warmly invited, including all St. Vladimir's Church School pupils and instructors!
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Feast of Dormition in Ferndale Thank You! 
29/8/14, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Thank you to all our many parishioners who traveled to Ferndale for their patronal feast yesterday. We hadn't really thought about it much, but Bishop Peter asked Fr. Gregory how many people had come from Ann Arbor. So we counted. :) And as far as we can tell we had 51 of our parish family participate in the Divine Liturgy yesterday. Congratulations to all with the feast and thank you to all who made the special effort to support our sister parish on their second Pascha – the feast day of their parish!
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Greeter Ministry – Your Help Needed! 
29/8/14, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
We would like to organize our ministry to those who are visiting St. Vladimir's. We can only make a first impression once and although we have traditionally done a very good job of this at St. Vladimir's as we grow we need to formalize this work and have a team of people who concentrate on this very important ministry. If you are interested in taking part in this important work please contact Fr. Gregory. The ideal is to have this ministry up and running smoothly by the first Sunday in September 2014.
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White Party is 9/14/14 
28/8/14, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
This party is a casual get together for St. Vladimir's family and friends on September 14 from 3:00-9:00 p.m. Dress code is ALL WHITE! Yes – that will be a challenge but that is part of the fun! There is no charge for the party per se, but we will ask for donations to support our festival fund raising. Just some of the activities planned are kayaking, canoeing, and a great barbecue! Children are welcome. Our mystery guest is considered one of the most talented hockey players in the world in stick handling and was the winner of the Frank J. Selke trophy for three consecutive years. Do you know who it is? Join us September 14 and find out! RSVP to Jack Savas at 734-276-2935 ASAP. Address of the party is 4775 Bridgeway Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Join us!
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Welcoming Others to Church - Everyone's Job (You Too!) 
28/8/14, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
You can only make a first impression once. That is why it is so important, and the responsibility of EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, to warmly welcome visitors to our parish. Is the visitor not acting “appropriately”? Assure them that all will be fine and lovingly help. Is the visitor’s child fussy? Assure them that we welcome children in the church and not to worry. If they ask for a place to go to quiet the child please point out the nursery – do not push them out the door. Does the visitor have questions? Answer them if possible, and if not, refer them to someone who can. A smile and a welcoming word can make the difference in someone’s spiritual life both in this life and the next. Let us show love one to another so that people will know that we are Christ’s disciples! We want to be known for our warm hospitality as was Abraham – but we all must work together to make our parish as welcoming as we possibly can!
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